Quick, read this before it becomes a lie

The time 1412. The date 26th August 2012. By the time you read this it will probably be false. It may even be false before I’ve finished writing it. Nonetheless, at those precise temporal  coordinates there occurred one of those phenomena that mark a quantum leap in human evolution and a confirmation that the highest literary and aesthetic principles may well eventually prevail over the culture of boob-jobs and unrecognisable celebrities. It was the moment at which I discovered that my novel, The Figurehead, was Amazon’s number one historical mystery. Admittedly it was only the freebie chart but I’ll take whatever I can get. Incidentally, it was also number 15 on the historical romance chart but it would be too immodest of me to mention that.

This is now an official, validated boast because, with the clock at 1418, it’s still there. You may applaud, but discreetly please, in a manner befitting the occasion..


    1. Thanks, Donna. You’re right, I was. And it got better when I got a name check on BBC Radio from Stuart McBride. Little pleasures, but very welcome.

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