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I’m in conversation with fellow writer Doug Johnstone over on the Royal Literary Fund website. We’re talking about my teaching, writing, the sort of things I like and how lucky I’ve been. Doug’s a very skilful, sympathetic interviewer so it’s really just a chat between friends but he managed to make us cover a lot of ground, so this is just the first part. Part 2 will follow later.

Bill Kirton

‘Bill Kirton speaks with Doug Johnstone about becoming a teacher and loving it, being surprised by becoming ‘A Writer’ at the same time, creating radio drama and how-to writing guides, and the generally serendipitous progress of his life and career.’

Episode: 338
Date: 30-09-2021
Length: 23:16


  1. Thanks, Eden. Despite your intelligence and compassion, you clearly have no idea what a warm, sensitive human being I am.

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