Material Evidence

” … a fine debut with intense plotting, strong characters and just the right touch of acid in the dialogue. Fine Rendellian touches and a structure and depth that is rare in a first book make this a cracking page-turner. The denouement, when it comes, will shake you.” Press and Journal, Aberdeen

” … a breath of fresh air. No quirky or weird personalities, nothing improbable. Just a good mystery. The characters are very believable. He fooled me completely on the solution, and I was sure I had it right.” Gary Corby, author of The Pericles Commission

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the characters, especially the good DCI. I loved the sense of humour and the story itself was well written and kept you turning pages well into the early hours!!! I have now downloaded the rest of the series and am off to start The Darkness right now! If you like well written, British crime, you will love this.” Harriett.


Rough Justice

“There is a brutal rape in Rough Justice by Bill Kirton. It isn’t there to titillate, but to carry the story forward and ultimately bring about the climax to a thoughtful and thought provoking book. The detective leading the hunt for the killer of a young thug from a local squat is also after a local self-made man he believes to be behind various rackets and who is protected by fellow masons in the senior ranks of the police force. The book involves some very human, intelligent Scottish coppers and ought to bring Bill Kirton the attention he deserves.” Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph

“A downright rogue and social reject is found murdered in a Scottish city, but has he been murdered by an equally roguish tycoon, as seems obvious, or is the web a good deal more tangled and shocking than that? That’s the simple premise of Bill Kirton’s second crime novel set in Cairnburgh and Aberdeen and, although the premise is simple, the structure and plotting –  the core of any decent read –  are sound and compelling.” Press and Journal, Aberdeen


The Darkness

“No matter how you feel about the genre this isn’t typical. So far above it took my breath away. A must read for its characterization, plots, and humanity. Brilliant.” Jane V. Stephens

” … not only a good read but a lesson in human nature.” Jean Henry Mead, author of the Logan and Cafferty series.

“A taut and gripping read. A dark, intense ride that keeps you guessing right until the exciting conclusion.” P. S. Gifford, author of The Curious Accounts of the Imaginary Friend.

” … a careful psychological precision that hits the (very) tricky balance between dispassionate honesty about and sympathy for basically good people squashed by cruel circumstances.” Kate Kasserman, author of Independence.

” … a dark and compelling novel.” Edie Dykeman

“The Darkness will grab you by the jugular and keep you reading … an audacious and haunting novel that deserves public attention.” Norman Goldman

” … a wonderful, thrilling, dark, compassionate book. The ending is unexpected, and brave, but felt completely right.” Gillian Philip, author of The Rebel Angels series.

“When you read The Darkness be prepared to be manipulated and have your moral compass reset by this master storyteller. This book is clever, tightly constructed, immensely satisfying and peopled with a cast of completely believable characters, who pull you into their story and don’t let you go until the final word. […] So go on, get yourself a copy of The Darkness and ask yourself this; what would you do?” Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

“A truly gripping novel with two unforgettable story lines depicting a darkness which (scarily) we all might be capable of in certain circumstances.” Rosemary Gemmell, author of Dangerous Deceit.

“No matter how you feel about the genre this isn’t typical. So far above it took my breath away. A must read for its characterization, plots, and humanity. Brilliant.” Jane V. Stevens


Shadow Selves

” … a thoroughly engrossing medical mystery with a surprise ending that was totally unexpected.” Chris Longmuir, winner of the Dundee International Book Prize with Dead Wood.

“A cracking good story. Like all the best mysteries, the author created a multitude of plausible suspects that kept me guessing throughout, but then pulled off an uncontrived resolution to the ‘whodunnit’ that managed to surprise me.” Melissa Conway, author of Xenofreak Nation

“A gripping read with exciting characters and a novel to give Stuart MacBride a run for his money.” Gordon McIntyre


Unsafe Acts

“Everything you look for in a police procedural is here – tight prose, a tight plot and a set of characters you take “home” with you when life intrudes on your reading of the book. I’m amazed that none of the big publishing houses have picked up on this guy. As I said in the title; when you buy yourself a Bill Kirton book, quality is assured.” Michael Malone

“Typically pacy offering from Bill Kirton, making the underbelly of very local Scots society real, raw and ripping. The settings are gritty and brightly painted and the characters – Carston and colleagues – feeling ever-more rounded as each novel moves life forward. You’ll love the vernacular language and it helps draw you in to the tightly-plotted story. For a flavour of NE Scottish real life, make this one of your next crime forays.” ‘Literary Eclectic

“… a polished and extremely enjoyable thriller. A real page turner.” Fleur Smithwick, author of How to Make a Friend 

“If you’re looking for the very best in Scottish crime drama, on par with Rankin and Rebus, you’ll find it in Bill Kirton’s Jack Carston Mystery Unsafe Acts. Dark, gripping, terrifying – superbly written with not a word wasted and with great attention to technical detail (although not overdone) you are taken on a breathtaking roller coaster. Totally unputdownable,I read the whole book in one session and was left gasping for more. I have NO hesitation in giving this book 5*, it has earned every one of them and look forward to reading more of Jack Carston. Mr Rankin, you have some serious competition in Bill Kirton.” Jillywrites

“… yet one more golden plume in the cap of this award-winning series with the super-sharp prose, intelligent and challenging twists, plausible characters and immersive storylines. Bill has received high praise for his intellectual plots that twist and turn through the storyline and come to a surprising, if sometimes shocking, conclusion. That said, it is the realism in his fictitious personalities and Bill’s judicious understanding of human nature that make his stories so absorbing and his characters so well-drawn.” Sara Bain, Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

“… an absorbing story … filled with his usual excellent characterisation and page-turning mystery. Sometimes dark and disturbing, Unsafe Acts also gives us a fine detective in Jack Carston, one who is (refreshingly) happily married.” Rosemary Gemmell.

“Bill Kirton has come up with another winner. The list of suspects in the death of Ally Baxter grows, and shrinks and grows again. Sometimes the same people go back on it. Sometimes, new ones are added. He kept me guessing right until the end.” Melanie King.


The Sparrow Conundrum

“Fantastic comedy thriller. The sheer inventiveness of the plot is a real treat when predictability is too often the norm. And the writer makes no concessions to the same old dumb gags, every leap of his imagination impeccably matched by glorious linguistic riffs.” Carolyn Begg.

” … one of those rare spoofs that made me laugh out loud – think Reservoir Dogs, only better … a fantastic farce that will entertain and keep you laughing until the very end … a must-have for your collection.” Richard B Wood, author of The Prodigal’s Foole.

” … a rollicking ride, as mishaps and mayhem pile up as thick as the bodies … a very smart, very funny read.” Melissa Conway, author of The Gossamer Sphere

“The Sparrow Conundrum is the demon love child of Spike Milligan and John Le Carre. I absolutely adore this one—hysterically funny, with this weirdly tender wickedness.” Maria Bustillos, author of Dorkismo.

“You have combined the elements of the Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe with The Biederbecke Affair and thrown in Happer from Local Hero for good measure. It is killingly funny, and for those who love farce—from Scapin to Noises Off—this is utterly brilliant, divine, and classic, and couldn’t be bettered.” M.M. Bennetts, author of May 1812.

” … a clever, funny and cynical book. The action is pretty well non-stop as is the humour. A laugh out loud comic adventure in which unspeakable things are done to unspeakable people.” John Booth, author of The Inspector Monde Mysteries and many others.

” … a laugh-a-paragraph comic crime caper. Kirton is a master of the comic. Hiaasen, Bateman and (Donna) Moore should be looking over their shoulder, cos Bill Kirton has arrived.” Michael Malone.

” … a truly entertaining read. Bill Kirton delivers such eloquent and flowing prose that I found myself frequently reading passages again. The plot will have you riveted and entertained all the way to the ingenious end. I was unable to keep myself from bursting out laughing so many times while reading this. Highly recommended to friends of crime with a sense of humour and a taste for the unexpected.” Heikki Hietala, author of Tulagi Hotel.

” … a very funny novel, a rollicking caricature of Scottish mafia and inept police procedure that made me laugh out loud, not just a few times but throughout the novel. Bill Kirton has a talent for well-timed punchlines, the setups to which are absolutely invisible. Don’t expect jokes and ham-handed one-liners – he springs upon the reader a new light of understanding that leaves you wanting more, more, and more. Unpredictable, wonderful, hilarious.” Michael J Pollack, author of November Knight.

“Humour abounds as Bill takes us on a rollicking, roller-coaster ride through the demi-monde of Aberdeen and Inverness … he does a marvellous job in keeping us entertained while at the same time having a hefty dig at the vagaries of the offshore oil industry. No one with a sense of humour can fail to love this gem of a book.” W J Daly, author of The Pheasant Plucker.

“… an over the top, thoroughly hilarious send-up, brilliantly realised and tremendously enjoyable. I laughed constantly, was horrified, was admiring and totally entertained all at once. It reminded me, in the best possible way, of the work of Tom Sharpe – a tale told in the kind of wonderfully over the top writing that will have you spluttering on trains as you try not to laugh out loud.” C. L. Czerkawska, author of The Amber Heart and many others.

“It’s big (relatively) and it’s clever (extremely). And it’s very, very funny. A crime novel like no other, it had me cackling with mirth throughout. Definitely no spoilers in this review since the twists and turns have left me too breathless to attempt to tell you about them. And it’s beautifully written, an increasingly rare joy.” Olga Wojtas.

“I truly found it difficult to put this fast-paced and funny novel down. What sets it apart from other funny and fast-paced novels, perhaps, is the quality of the writing. Kirton tells his story in economic prose that is also perfectly, effortlessly right.”  Mari Biella, author of The Quickening.


The Figurehead

“A must-read. A marvellous intertwining of crime thriller and tender romance. Do yourself a favour, grab this book. You will not regret it.” Suzanne Burke, author of Empty Chairs.

” … an exciting, page-turning murder mystery … interesting, thoughtful and thoroughly absorbing.” Mary O Farrington.

” … a splendid romance of … exquisite tenderness, The Figurehead satisfies on every level, giving the reader authenticity, characters to care about, a mystery, and a romance.” Diane Nelson, author of Dragon Academy.

” … a real page turner.” L.P.Taylor

” … a good tale of murder with unexpected twists and nasty turns, all spun in a masterful way. A memorable read for anyone who might want to see how it’s done, the right way.” Richard Sutton, author of The Red Gate chronicles

“Bill Kirton weaves a fine net of words that will keep you trapped from the beginning to the end.” P D Allen, author of Complete Tales of Da Yoopernatural.

“Profound, detailed, incredibly written, The Figurehead is definitely a kind of book one wants to go back to again and again.” Maria K, author and translator.

” … a hugely satisfying read … the characters are skilfully delineated and the mystery at the heart of the novel makes it a real page turner.” Myra Duffy, author of Last Ferry to Bute.

“The plot is complex and believable, the characters are well-rounded and the dialogue is perfectly judged. The research is meticulous and fascinating but it never gets in the way of a rippingly good story.” Ruth Howell

“… the writing is superb. The plot is compelling and the characters are beautifully drawn and fascinating. I care about them and want to know what happened to Jamie the émigré, the falls or fortunes of Anderson the successful Capitalist and, above all, the development of the tantalising relationship between John and Helen. This novel is screaming for a sequel!” Catriona Munro

“What a wonderful book. I found the detective narrative to be quite compelling as it kept me reading, along with very believable and memorable characters. The developing romance between John Grant and Helen Anderson added another thread. I look forward to reading more books by this author.” M. Rennie

“This is the best book I’ve read over the past year. As other commenters have noted, the ‘mood music’ is wonderfully evocative. As usual with this author’s books, the writing is superb. The plot is compelling and the characters are beautifully drawn and fascinating. I care about them and want to know what happened to Jamie the émigré, the falls or fortunes of Anderson the successful Capitalist and, above all, the development of the tantalising relationship between John and Helen.” Fiona Munro

“This is a powerful, substantial, thought-provoking book. It’s a sort of historical fiction that is very rarely seen. I loved it.” Locksmith

The Figurehead is a beautifully written murder mystery set in Aberdeen, Scotland in the mid-1800’s. The author’s knowledge of ships and shipping definitely shows throughout the story. What I enjoyed most was that he took an obscure occupation – a person who carves figureheads on ships – and created an entire tale around him. The characterization was splendid, with each character, minor or major, never perfect, always leaving a shred of doubt in my mind as to their true motivations. And you’ll never guess the ending…This is story telling at its finest.” History and Women


The Likeness

The Likeness is a superior sequel with a variety of elements skilfully woven together to create an absorbing tale. It’s not easy to blend the genres of mystery and romance without one being given more weight than the other, but in The Likeness Bill Kirton manages this with consummate ease.” Amazon Customer

“Bill Kirton delivers the goods once again. Mystery fans won’t be disappointed, for the head-scratcher this time’s a corker. But the author’s heart lies in the heart of the book: the challenged but not doomed love between John Grant, a designer of ship figureheads, and Helen Anderson, the headstrong daughter of a wealthy shipping tycoon… A winning blend of mystery, history and romance.” Reb MacRath

“A very enjoyable read. Solving the crime allows some interesting themes to be explored and the outcome keeps the reader guessing to the end. A great sequel to The Figurehead – highly recommended.” Gothenburger

“The author has created a masterful interweave of several stories that come together beautifully at the end with all the mysteries solved and the personal relationships resolved in a most satisfying way. The characters are so real, you can hear them, smell their sweat and perfume, and you either like and support them, or you want to take them to a locked room and throttle them mercilessly.” Awesome Indies Reviews


Alternative Dimension

“… for all its dystopian menace, the story is carried along by the sparkling humour and we find ourselves enjoying the fate of those seduced by the promise of virtual bliss.” Edgar

“I liked the humor … and the sometimes absurdly comical events that take place in AD’s world.” Heikki Hietala

“… there is humour aplenty. Like a picaresque novel, or a weird modern version of Pilgrim’s Progress, or maybe even a Canterbury Tales for our times” Cally Philips

“A very good book written by an amazing author. Thank you Bill Kirton, I enjoyed this book very much.” Monique Lomino

“… don’t read this book if you suffer from any condition or syndrome in which laughing, perhaps aggravated by rolling on the floor madly roaring, is associated with sudden cardiac arrest. For Alternative Dimension is packed full of incredibly funny writing, breath-takingly impertinent jokes, in-your-face puns and bizarre situations piled one upon another in surreal chaos… as Charlie Parker was to jazz, Bill Kirton is to humour.” Dr Dx

“At one point I was laughing so hard a restaurateur asked if I needed medical assistance!” Helen Ducal

“Do not read this book in public. Your out-loud laughter might cause you problems. After the first few chapters, you think you might have a go at drifting into a dream-fulfilment world. By mid-novel, you think, ‘errr, maybe not’. You will change your mind periodically towards the end. Simply conclude that when we send humans to Mars, Bill Kirton will immediately become President/Supreme Commander. If only Jean-Paul Sartre had lived, this is the book he would have written. But in a less intelligible way. Bill is an author with a brilliant writing style and an unfettered, yet somehow under control, imagination. And he understands philosophy.” Fiona Munro



Brilliant Study Skills

“The book would certainly benefit anyone new (school-leavers, international and mature students) to academic study. I wish I’d read it sooner! The structure of the book and straightforward and fun style of writing make it easy to dip in and out of. This will be a book I refer back to again and again.” Dr Moira Nikodem

” … clearly set out, well written, practical yet thought provoking, easy to access and understand yet challenging. The book will provide students with a better understanding of the issues and problems they will confront and develop the skills they will require to resolve them.” Dr Max Roach

“This is a book that students will use over and over again, throughout their university careers, and any parent wishing to give their son or daughter a helping hand would be wise to make sure they are equipped with Brilliant Study Skills.” Professor Jeanette King


Just Write

“I bought this book thinking it would help my son when he went to University last year to study English. I recently noticed it on his bookshelf, well thumbed and filled with post-it notes. I asked him if it was ‘good’? He said it was ‘great’.” Janice’, Amazon