Welcome to my podcast page. It’s just me reading some of my short stories and extracts from my novels.

First, my audiobiography from SoundCloud:

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The Sparrow Conundrum

 The opening pages, featuring two characters who never appear again.

The first meeting between Lodgedale, a sociopathic policeman and the story’s ‘hero’, Chris Machin.

Alternative Dimension cover

Alternative Dimension

The opening of a satirical novella about online role-playing games and the pleasures and dangers of living in a fantasy.

Unsafe Acts

Jack Carston and Jim Ross interview suspect Rick Bole, an offshore oil worker. But Bole’s lawyer has coached him well.

Carston at home.

The Darkness by Bill Kirton

The Darkness

Many of the book’s scenes take place in a cellar, where four men are chained to pillars. Here, the person responsible tells them why.

He makes his confession to them… then to himself.

The Figurehead

This is a pivotal scene in The Figurehead. John Grant and Helen Anderson are both intrigued by the death of a shipwright. They are also attracted to one another. Helen is determined to show John that his investigation of the death is too narrow.

Shadow Selves

The hospital death which starts everything in Shadow Selves

Dr Christie and the consequences of the charge of sexual harassment against him.

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