Restarting (again)

For the patient million followers of this blog (well maybe about six, seven or so people – I come from a large family) , there may soon be a new reason to revisit occasionally. Circumstances have conspired to keep me away from the computer recently, but a conversation with a friend about online games (especially of the role-playing type) got the fingers going on the keyboard and the remnants of my thinking focusing on the ever-fascinating dichotomy between reality and whatever its opposite is.

Don’t worry, as those of you who have read some of this blog before know very well, I’m not a philosopher, but, while using fiction to examine a few examples of the processes such speculation  produces reveals little of them in terms of Kantian transcendentalism, it can be relatively entertaining. But then, that’s only my opinion, so please look back now and then to check whether you agree or think it’s crap. (And, if you’re so inclined, let me know.)

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